Following recent updates, the NDIS and NDIA announced at the start of the month, the launch of a new service for enabling participants, caregivers and authorized third parties to better access personal information the NDIS has on its participants. Named the new Participant Information Access process, it is a faster and safer way for sharing information between authorized parties for transactions such as plan development as well as participant treatment by medical professionals. All personal and medical related information being held by the NDIS on its participants will be available through this effort. In order to apply for access to this service, use the online form available here. This will enable your access to the following:

  • Medical and personal information
  • Plan development information, including decision making

For the purpose of entertaining all inquiries please note, applications will be processed in at least 14
days and a maximum of 28 days.
More information can be found on the Participant Information Access page or by getting in touch using
the available contact information.

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